My name is Nathan Robb, I am a little Crazy but I know an Amazing Jesus, I love Video Production, Church Tech, Worship Music and my main goal in life is to leverage all that I do for all that God has created me for.


Thank You for your supporting me on the website and on Youtube.com/Nathan1Robb as I endeavor to produce quality, relevant content so that we can all grow and do what we do better, together.

I am a graduate of Buckeye Local HS and Eastern Gateway Community College where I completed my Associates degree in Information Technology, earning a couple degrees and certificates. During High School I fell in LOVE with Photography and later God showed me the power of video. I have had the opportunity to travel around the world to over a half dozen countries and shoot video at events, conferences and just be apart of what God is doing through the ministry of Christian Endeavor. During the summers I spend my time working with Christian Endeavor Mission Weeks where students come for a week of camp to work on peoples homes, doing various tasks like Flooring, Drywall, Painting, Siding, Building Decks and so many more things. I shoot daily videos and show them during camp gathering in the evenings. You can check those videos out on the CE page or on Youtube.

I am an Owner of Pizza Express in Yorkville, OH our Family business where we serve quality food daily including Subs, Salads, Wings, Calzones, and most importantly, Pizza! I maintain our website, I have designed our Inventory system and I am a Manager of the store.