In December of 2018 I had the opportunity to go volunteer with a group from my area at the OCC processing center in Charlotte, NC. This was my second time at an OCC processing center since we went to Boone, NC in 2017. If you haven’t been to one of the processing centers I strongly encourage you to check it out. It is so much fun working long side so many amazing people as we

On Dec 2nd, 2018 our church got to see the new Stage Design for the first time. We have been working on, planning for this project for several weeks now. I interviewed several people on Sunday who love it. This is the first time we have done something so ambitious which covers a good portion of our traditional sanctuary. Hope you enjoy it! Check out other Articles Featured: New Stage Design | Concept video P1

It was never enough for me to know that this fader makes the microphone louder. In this // SunVlog #10 // I share my story about how I got started in Church Tech when I was around 15. I wanted to know how the signal travels from the microphone to the speakers and how the whole system worked. EasyWorship is Back! I subscribed to EW7 there new software so that I can produce some new

My Brothers are absolutely Amazing! In this weeks Vlog I would like to show you some of what Eric does for fun. His Airplanes are outstanding! Sure doesn’t hurt when we have time during Operation Christmas Child collection to drive trucks and shoot rubber bands. Check out Erics Channel:   Check out other Articles Featured: Hovercraft Build by ERIC ROBB Featured: Portable Worship Tech Setup All my videos at 

In my //Sunday Vlog #008// Today we are writing MIDI Notes for triggering the lights in the Columns to create some cool stuff. I am very excited to introduce to you a brand new song from Passion! Set to be released during the Passion Conference in January of 2019. This song has been on my heart since I first heard the version they did at Passion Camp. Check out the full recording I did during

Episode 07 of the //Sunday Vlog 07// This weeks video is a super special one, We have two Baptisms that were doing a LIVE camera on the screens then turning the church into a dance floor in celebration singing Glorious Day. To top it all off we have a packing party today for Operation Christmas Child. Hope you enjoy it! Check out other Articles Featured: New Stage Design | Column Lights Featured: Portable Worship Tech

Not a normal Sunday VLOG but a very special // Special Vlog #3 // We are Ham-mocking outside in 40 degrees? um… at the WV Christian Endeavor Fall Retreat last weekend. Our trip, Setup, Small Groups, Speaker, Music, Friends. Hope you enjoy it! Check out other Articles Featured: New Stage Design | Column Lights All my videos at 
Busy Day on the //Sunday Vlog #006// I am talking about how my IEM (In Ear Monitors) saved my Ears at the “A Special Wish-Ohio Valley” Lip-Sync-Competition. Running Wires under the floor and we also setup the Colum stage design at church, Making its Lighting debut today. Then there is French Toast for Lunch YUM!

In this video I share a unique way to highlight my day and show ya how I prepare Music, Lyrics, Songs, and my Vocal Cords for singing in Sunday Worship. Also it seems there is no food in my house lol! Sit back and relax for another Sunday VLOG. Please Subscribe:
I am very excited to share my portable worship setup with you. We have got, Ableton running tracks, Automated Lighting and Lyrics, IEMs, Talk back mics, a full stage display, and a stunning stage design, all in a portable setup that fits in the (not so mini) van.