Christian Endeavor

Christian Endeavor is a Discipleship process churches use with there Youth group. CE’s Mission is to grow Students as Leaders in the Church. By engaging them in Ministry and giving them the opportunity to learn about the God Given Potential that is inside each and every Young Person.

It was such a Wonderful experience working with Christian Endeavor and the Mission Weeks Ministry during the Summer of 2016. I was the Visual Media Coordinator during camp so I put videos together each day to play during the camp gathering each evening when the students come together for a time of Worship, Teaching and Fellowship after a long day of Blessing the lives of the people with there work.

In the August of 2016 (I) Nathan Robb was invited to Cancun Mexico to come video for there Mexican National Christian Endeavor Conference.  Dave Coryell, Paul Markloff, John Wilson and I all traveled to Mexico for this event. It was a very eye opening experience that was a bunch of fun, Check out the video.

YES! Christian Endeavor is for Youth but, Adults like to have fun also. I was invited to the Annual Christian Endeavor Port-O-Call (Adult) retreat in May of 2016 by Tracy Matthews who brought his nephew along who is in Tallahassee Florida and currently in Film School. We had a Great time at the event and he helped with the filming of this video and I hope you very much enjoy it!!

“Christian Endeavor Laid the foundation for effective Youth Descripleship” – Tracy Matthews

Check out this video from Christian Endeavor in New York City, Tracy Matthews spoke to a group of people about CE.

As Christian Endeavor in the USA is taking off we are very excited to see all that God is doing in the ministry. The CE USA team has developed programs to start CE in the church. In April of 2016 we celebrated the 135th Birthday of Christian Endeavors. Check out this fun video from the event.

During the Christian Endeavor 2020 vision Birthday Banquet a group of High School/ College students spent some time calking about the impact Christian Endeavor has made on there lives.

Daniel Gulnac spoke at the Christian Endeavor 2020vision, Birthday Banquet. He shared with us his experience with CE after adopting the Christian Endeavor model into his church Youth ministry.

Director of CE USA/World Dr. Dave Coryell spoke at the Christian Endeavor Birthday banquet. He shared about what has been going on in CE USA but also the #CE2020 vision about the plans for growth in the coming years.