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What is CE Mission Weeks?

Christian Endeavor challenges Youth to be Engaged and Active in the church by focusing on these 5 key principles. Pray, Study, Serve, Share, and Worship. This week is an opportunity for students to serve the community and make a huge impacting in the community. This week we are in Oak Hill, WV where we are doing Construction, Yard work, Painting, Flooring and Plumbing on the worksites. These videos are showed during our Camp Gathering each evening when we all come together for a time of Worship and Teaching by DOC Maddison.

Week THREE Videos Below

Friday of Week Three

That Is a wrap for Christian Endeavor Mission Weeks 2018! We had a wonderful finish to the week here in New Castle, PA. The projects were finished and amazing and the homeowners had a great time tonight at the dinner and camp gathering this evening. #CEworksFaith #CEworks2018

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Thursday of Week Three

Today at Christian Endeavor Mission Weeks 2018, I had the chance to spend some time with my good friend Chuck Jewell. We visited homes that young people are pouring into this week and met homeowners who are being blessed through this work. #CEworks2018

Tuesday of Week Three

A local newspaper editor talked with our Christian Endeavor team today. He visited a worksite where a group was working with another organization who works on homes. The editor asked the guys what having this CE team meant to them. The reply from these large Tattoo covered men was this, “These guys are Awesome! We didn’t know teenagers acted like or cared about stuff like this anymore, They inspire us to work hard and that there is a reason to work hard, we asked them to move to New Castle but they said they have families.”

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Monday of Week Three

Busy Monday at this Christian Endeavor Missions Week in New Castle, PA. Today we started on the worksites and already have heard many stories from the community as to how big an impact we are having. Great speaking from Brett Householder during Camp Gathering Sunday and Worship lead by the summer staff team. #CEworksFaith

Sunday of Week Three

Starting a new week is AWESOME! Starting a new week of CE Mission Weeks is Super Awesome. The students are hear, loaded in, ready to go, and we are very excited for all God is doing in our lives this week.

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Week TWO Videos Below

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Friday of Week Two

We had an outstanding week serving the Oak Hill community. Lives were changed through the power of the Good News of the Gospel and we are super encouraged and excited.

Thursday of Week Two

At Christian Endeavor Mission Weeks Students are Spiritually filled and refreshed through daily devotions and through the weeks speaker during camp gathering each day. This week has been nothing short of spectacular as we see spiritual maturity along side the lives being transformed through the homes the students are repairing this week.

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Tuesday of Week Two

The projects continue, Lawns are mowed, houses painted, sealed, window trim installed. Doc brought us Gods word during Camp Gathering and even though it was HOT, We kept our cool and got lots of work done.

Monday of Week Two

Christian Endeavor Mission Weeks 2018 Day 1 of the Work Week starts out with a Great first day on the sites for the groups, DOC brought us Gods word during Camp Gathering and even though it was HOT, We kept our cool and got work done.

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Sunday of Week Two

As we go into this next week of camp we are thrilled to get to meet a ton of youth who are super excited to be here serving this week. It’s going to be an Awesome week and I’m very excited for all that God is doing.

Week ONE Videos Below

Friday of Week One

As we finish up this outstanding week one of camp for this summer. We reflect on the work that we have done this week, So many wonderful projects were completed and so many more were pushed further ahead. The churches tackled some huge projects this week and we are super excited for all the work they have done.

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Thursday of week One

This video touches on the students and the work they continue to do this week. As the teams continue to work indoors, outdoors, replacing Flooring, doing Drywall, siding, trimming and much more during this week of camp, It is very exciting to see them growing in there faith as well. Talking freely amongst them selves during devotion time and with the homeowners.

Tuesday of week One

The second day on the worksites was very productive, the larger projects are progressing very nicely and the some smaller projects were completed. As we talk with students we see they are very excited to be here and are having a great time.

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Monday of Week One

This video is a highlight of the Second day of camp for Week 1 of 2018. The students are headed off to the work sites and are getting a view of the sites just as we are getting the first footage of the sites and interviews with the students.

Sunday of Week One

This video is of the first day of camp for Week 1 of 2018. Our team welcomes the participating churches as they roll in from there long trips. Eager to find out what will be happening this week and how our theme Inward, Outward, Upward will be touching our lives.

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