I lead Worship in my church as well as for special events such as Revivals, VBS, Chapel, Summer Camp WV Christian Endeavor events. This page is where I post songs I have written as well as some covers I have done. In December of 2015 I started to Listen to God and writing lyrics to the things he was telling me in life. I can always tell when I am drifting from him because when the words stop flowing I am either not listening or I am not talking with him enough.

Original: “This Is For Everyone”

I wrote this song “This Is For Everyone” around the idea that the Gospel is for everyone, no matter the things they have done in there lives or the circumstances that bring them to a place of crying out that someone would help them in life. The Gospel = Good news of Jesus Christ coming to be the ultimate sacrifice we couldn’t be.

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Passion: “God You’re So Good”

This song is a reminder of a simple Truth, that God You Are So Good! This song was re-birthed at Passion 2018 and I created this video to share with you the simple bu two powerful story behind the song.

Cover: “O Praise The Name”

In March of 2017 I was asked to come lead worship for a Revival that a church in West Virginia was having. Around this time I discovered the song “O Praise The Name” and I fell in love with the message of the song. One of the nights of revival I lead the song.

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Cover: Priceless by King & Country

This recording is from 2016 when we videos the Dave Yuncke Vocal and Piano Recital. I started taking lessons from Dave Yuncke in 2015 for Voice and Piano and this was my second recital. After hearing For King & Country perform the song Priceless LIVE on “the View” I chose to sing it for the recital. I hope you enjoy this performance.

Cover: “Jesus”

My Cover of Tomlins new song “Jesus” for Communion at our 2016 Praise in the Park service Aug 28th. This is a Wonderful NEW song from Tomlin’s Album, Never Loose Sight. I hope you Enjoy!! 🙂 Thank You Michael and Eric Robb to my brothers for shooting the video for me. Love You

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Original: “Help us Resist”

I wrote the song “Help us Resist” which talks about the temptations in the world, and as Christians the enemy constantly tempts us.

Original: “A Better Story”

The I wrote the song “A Better Story” for the North American Christian Conference.  Which is being held in Anaheim CA in July 2016 with the theme A Better Story. As Christians we have the Better story, Jesus came and died for all man kind so that everyone who chooses to accept Jesus and be baptized will spend eternity in Heaven.

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